Friday, 29 September 2017

PRODUCT INFORMATION : Multi Pets crop Feeding kit

pets crafts


GOOD TO KNOW : Pets Feeding /dosing kit is vital kit for force feeding of supplements and medication needs of Pets

GOOD TO REMEMBER: Pets Crafts is internationally recognized as the first Manufacturer of multiple pet feeding kit

GOOD TO ACKNOWLEDGE: We strive to provide the first ever highest Quality pets feeding kit back in 2 JULY 2015 *

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Behind the Scene Story - Stainless Steel Crop Feeding Needle for Animal Birds or Small reptiles animals

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Its the short story of a Manufactures and Exporters of Birds/Reptiles feeding Needles kit also called stainless steel crop feeding needles kit. Its the original idea of our Entrepreneur Mr.Waqar Jamil of who introduce this kit with his passion and love for Pets feeding needs back in 2015. 
"Its a life saving Gift for any pet owner for his Pet" Do support us in this cause to create a great world for your Pets . Thanks for Read Pets Crafts - Team

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

WIKIPEDIA : Crop Feeding Needles Dosing Kit / Deluxe pinkie Pump for Reptile, Small Animals, Birds, Fish

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Product Name: Birds Crop Feeding Kit / Reptile Deluxe Pinkie Pump

Use & Application : Reptile, Small Animals, Birds, Fish
Type Reusable : Sterilize able 
Material: Stainless steel and TPX Brass
Introduced by: Pets Crafts
Products Date of Birth: Thursday, 2 July 2015
Place of Birth: Sialkot – Punjab - Pakistan
Manufacturer official web :
Precautions: Demand NEW copiers/copycats to provide DNA report  with un-doctored pictures

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Pets Crafts is Pakistan's First Company who don't hide - Reptile hide boxes !

 Reptile Hide Box Supplier

Yes We are the first Company in Pakistan who don't hide - Reptile hide boxes ! 

Our Reptile Hide boxes are available for sale since 14-August-2017.

 You can order us online with best wholesale factory prices at

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

3 piece breakdown snake hook - Feedback and action in the Field Herping Trip

3 piece breakdown snake Field Herping hook

Proud Moment 
to see our Breakdown / Collapsible snake hooks in action. 
Thanks Milan Oselsky and Team Living Zoology 
Have a safe #herping ahead !

Our wide range of Snake Hooks can be order at


In the field we use our vast experiences from zoology, photography and filming, but we also use a high quality equipment  For our last expeditions we got a new one from our sponsor

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