Saturday, 23 December 2017

Pets Crafts Alibaba Gold Supplier Status on 23 December 2017

We would like to share that we are Gold Supplier/Gold Member/Verified Member of since 2013 . 
Here are some snapshots taken on 23 December 2017 for the best view of our potential customers worldwide.

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Pets Crafts - Team

Please note Current data extraction date is 23 December 2017 from our alibaba web portal : 

Sunday, 8 October 2017

European Snake Society - Snake Day Reptile Expo - 8-oct2017

Hello Everyone!
We love to manufacture Premium Quality Reptile Supplies for Slovakia's Famous Brand " "

We wish all the best to Mr. Milan Oselsky and his team for Ongoing #SnakeDay 2017 Reptile Expo.
Say Hi ! and check all stuff you need for your #herping trips.
This #ReptileExpo is organized by The #European Snake Society well-known for Snake Day on Sunday 8 October 2017 at #Expo Houten in #Houten (5 km south of Utrecht), in the #Netherlands.
Waqar Jamil 
Entrepreneur - Pets Crafts

Friday, 29 September 2017

PRODUCT INFORMATION : Multi Pets crop Feeding kit

pets crafts


GOOD TO KNOW : Pets Feeding /dosing kit is vital kit for force feeding of supplements and medication needs of Pets

GOOD TO REMEMBER: Pets Crafts is internationally recognized as the first Manufacturer of multiple pet feeding kit

GOOD TO ACKNOWLEDGE: We strive to provide the first ever highest Quality pets feeding kit back in 2 JULY 2015 *

GOOD TO TALK: Ask us for more information ;

Friday, 22 September 2017

Behind the Scene Story - Stainless Steel Crop Feeding Needle for Animal Birds or Small reptiles animals

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Its the short story of a Manufactures and Exporters of Birds/Reptiles feeding Needles kit also called stainless steel crop feeding needles kit. Its the original idea of our Entrepreneur Mr.Waqar Jamil of who introduce this kit with his passion and love for Pets feeding needs back in 2015. 
"Its a life saving Gift for any pet owner for his Pet" Do support us in this cause to create a great world for your Pets . Thanks for Read Pets Crafts - Team

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

WIKIPEDIA : Crop Feeding Needles Dosing Kit / Deluxe pinkie Pump for Reptile, Small Animals, Birds, Fish

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Product Name: Birds Crop Feeding Kit / Reptile Deluxe Pinkie Pump

Use & Application : Reptile, Small Animals, Birds, Fish
Type Reusable : Sterilize able 
Material: Stainless steel and TPX Brass
Introduced by: Pets Crafts
Products Date of Birth: Thursday, 2 July 2015
Place of Birth: Sialkot – Punjab - Pakistan
Manufacturer official web :
Precautions: Demand NEW copiers/copycats to provide DNA report  with un-doctored pictures

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Pets Crafts is Pakistan's First Company who don't hide - Reptile hide boxes !

 Reptile Hide Box Supplier

Yes We are the first Company in Pakistan who don't hide - Reptile hide boxes ! 

Our Reptile Hide boxes are available for sale since 14-August-2017.

 You can order us online with best wholesale factory prices at

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

3 piece breakdown snake hook - Feedback and action in the Field Herping Trip

3 piece breakdown snake Field Herping hook

Proud Moment 
to see our Breakdown / Collapsible snake hooks in action. 
Thanks Milan Oselsky and Team Living Zoology 
Have a safe #herping ahead !

Our wide range of Snake Hooks can be order at


In the field we use our vast experiences from zoology, photography and filming, but we also use a high quality equipment  For our last expeditions we got a new one from our sponsor

Follow Living Zoology and explore the world of wild animals!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Reptile Hide Box Wholesale Supplier

Hello Friends,
Pets Crafts is on YouTube subscribe now to our channel for all amazing and upcoming products videos and demonstrations.
Here we have uploaded our first video for your view.
Its HD so enjoy HD mode 
Have a great weekend !
(All credits goes to its original music composer and image owners)

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Reptile Hide Box - Small , Medium, Large

News updates: 

 View Hide boxes

Pets Crafts is now taking orders of Reptile Hides Boxes.

Small reptile hide box, medium hide box, Large reptile hide box

Visit official web : for more details of sizes n pictures.

Thank you.
Waqar Jamil
Entrepreneur - Pets Crafts
Supplier of Best Quality Reptile Hide Boxes in Pakistan

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ship your reptiles - in Black Cotton Reptile Bags (Snake Bags)

Now Ship your reptiles in hassle free manner with Pets Crafts Premium BLACK cotton snake bags. Give your reptiles a new shelter and safe heaven all the way to your snake transportation shipping needs. It can be any place from your reptile breeding room to your potential customer or any reptile expo. Most of reptiles like to hide while in transit and general habitat. Black color helps reptiles to hide them self’s in hassle free and less tense environment a result your reptile reaches to your customer in a good health and win-win situation for buyer n seller.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Professional Field-Herping Hook PC-FHH-40

Pets Crafts is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier  for your own Pets Supplies. 
Our Professional Field-Herping Hook is designed for pulling heavy wooden logs, wild rocks, and all possible barriers coming in the field-herping. 

We at our production facility make sure your products to be made with best possible Raw materials and prepared by highly skilled craftsmen.

Ask us Now ! Your best wholesale B2B factory rates at — in Pakistan.



Professional Field-Herping Hook 
Product Code: PC-FHH-40

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Feedback and comments on Pets Crafts Manufacturing Company in Sialkot-Pakistan 26-January-2017 NEWS

Feedback and comments on Pets Crafts Manufacturing Company in Sialkot-Pakistan.
A Happy Customer comment on face book 26-January-2017 :
“”Hi Waqar. Unpacked all of the stuff today, thank you very much! I am extremely happy with all of the products and quality so far. We will do some testing and start selling. Hopefully we will place another order soon. Thank you again Waqar for the wonderful service “”
Thanks for Read
For your bulk B2B orders Please visit official webpage:

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Snake oral-Props Kit - Order Now

Product Description: Snakes oral-Prop kit of 4 props is easy for examination of your reptile oral health in a gentle way. Four diverse sizes of props are made for different types of reptiles and ages .
These four pieces snake kits are use for oral care, visual examination of respiratory illness, administration of medicines, mouth rot etc of snakes.
Its convenient design with central hole allows feeding tubes and treatment syringes to operate safely. By twisting it slightly it positions according to mouth which helps user to holds it precisely with less stress and force to snakes. These are widely trusted by professional breeders and keeps for day to day oral inspection of snakes.

Made: Pets Crafts Clear plastic speculums-props are made with high grade of acrylic material, Our soft and convenient pouch helps the products firm in a perfect place which keeps them in a shake and scratches free elastic pouch to prevents movements from our factory to your hands all scratch free and you can always make sure to use these tools in great condition.

Essential Precautions: Do not leave your reptile unattended while inspection . Use proper size for reptile mouth and species. Do not force hard it will harm your reptile as well as oral-props.

Product Care: Always clean them after use with soft cloth and keep them safe in a pouch from scratches and direct sunlight.
Size: Snake Oral Inspection Props - 4 pieces kit 

Colors: Clear
Application: Snake mouth only

Manufacturer and Exporters of Reptile Supplies Pakistan 


Gohadpur East, Sialkot 51310 - PAKISTAN

Thursday, 5 January 2017