Thursday, 2 July 2015

Deluxe Pinkie Pump Set - July 2015

Its  great pleasure for us to bring some New and Innovative products for ever growing demands of Pet supplies industry.

Here we are introducing a Brand New Product “DELUXE PINKIE PUMP SET”
(#NSB: Never Seen Before - Reptile Husbandry Items July 2015) 

Why? it’s the next generation product :

1.       It is unbreakable – Durable long life 

2.       It have variety - On feeding needles from 8 to 18 Gauge with variable lengths can be obtainable in bent or straight form (conventional pinky pumps have no such verity in needles  gauge !!)

3.       No Glass tube – Solid Plastic barrel will never brakes on miscarriage 

4.       Light Weight – Always Easy to carry and handy to use (save on shipping expenditures as well – on bulk orders)

5.       Economical n Affordable – for all enthusiasts and professional reptile breeders

6.       Easy - to clean and no maintenance cost

Stay Ahead with your professional reptile husbandry needs with us.

Your Pets Crafts – Team