Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pets Crafts - Gentle Snake Tongs

Gentle Snake Tongs - Gentle Giant Snake Tong

• Made with 100 % aluminum alloy
High Quality rubber coated top jaw for secure holding
• Specially design for more humane and safe handling of snakes
• More enhanced and strong shaft to handle big reptiles
• Best tool for gentle and safe handling of reptiles
• Precise and smooth jaws action
• More smooth trigger movement with stainless steel wire
• Comfortable handle with user-friendly advanced design
• Best tool to keep a safe distance from the venomous snakes

Size: 24 inch , 30
inch 36  inch, 40 inch, 52 inch, 60 inch, 66 inch 72inch

Available On Demand in Custom Designs, Sizes, Logo, Colors etc

For business inquirers please visit www.petscrafts.com/

Pets Crafts - Team