Thursday, 17 January 2013

More Than Before & Much More To Come ...

  • All-new durable joint technology used in joining the parts
  • Lightweight material is used in the manufacturing of the soft Handel and grip.
  • 100% Aluminum Alloy with no chance of getting rust (in normal general use) with its long life color lock technology.
  • Essential gear for the professional snake handles, reptile enthusiasts, rescue teams and Zoo keepers..
  • Lightweight designs that attracts more with its wide range of colors.
  • Pets Crafts is The Manufacturing company who offer such a wide range of colors (black, blue, red, white, pink, green, gray ) for your business needs.
  • We are capable of making custom orders with your Company name and required logo and design.

Pets Crafts - Your Pets Supplies Business Partner 


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Monday, 7 January 2013

Thank you for your trust and repeat business

Dear Valued Customers ,

Thank you for your trust and repeat business in the past year.

Pets Crafts wishes every one of you a prosperous 2013 and successful business with us.

2013 is shaping to be very important year for us with new innovative products.

Please stay in touch for upcoming products and special offers too.

Best Wishes,
Pets Crafts - Team