Monday, 29 October 2012

Manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Feeding tweezers worldwide

Tweezers are a great source of feeding the prey to your Pets, like Reptiles, Birds.
We are the Pets Crafts manufacturer and Supplier of Quality Feeding tweezers worldwide.

All feeding tongs are available in natural stainless shades and also in customized colors like red, black, blue, pink, green or any color of your choice (depends on availability)
The sizes we Manufacture and Export are 08 inch ,10 inch , 12 inch, 14inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20inch and 24 inch.

High quality stainless steel feeding tongs are good solution for your pets i.e.  Marine invertebrates, large aquatic turtles, baby birds, Bearded Dragon, Blue Tongue, Frog, Gecko, Lizard, Snake etc

Pets Crafts reptile supplies is the dedicated manufacture and supplier of quality reptile supplies in Pakistan

These are easy to use and preferred by many breeders, and reptile enthusiasts

Tongs with a strong grip surface. Great for feeding birds, small animals and aquarium fish i.e. hand feeding  marine invertebrates, aquatic turtles, baby birds, etc.It is also more hygienic than using your fingers

These easy to use tweezers are the perfect tool for the safe hand feeding of reptiles, such as small prey items or thawed rodents


Made by Stainless Steel for durability and its a cool solution to pick up live food like worms or crickets etc


Feeding by tweezers is More hygienic than fingers and ideal way to feed your reptiles, birds and fish

Pets Crafts Stainless Steel Tongs are perfect for feeding lizards, aquatic turtles, land tortoises, box turtles, frogs and salamanders and many other pets

Feed your pet easily with no mess and no accidental bites and Keeps fingers from open mouths.

Very robust, stainless steel tweezers which are great for feeding reptiles.


Pets Crafts Feeding Tongs can be use for feeding frozen food (rodents) or live foods (insects) ,Gourmet & Freeze Dried Foods to reptiles and snakes.

Your snake or lizard is less likely to mistake your hand for food.

Feeding by tweezers is More hygienic than fingers and ideal way to feed your reptiles, birds and fish

For a complete list of our other available professional snake handling items please see our Snake Handling Equipment . Please E-mail any questions or concerns you might have. We look forward to doing business with you!


Pets Crafts - Team

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